A Weekend in Gabicce Mare: 2 hotel offers

You just got rid of the busy work and want a vacation? Just for the weekend? Head for Gabicce Mare, and you will find relax and fun... low cost! Last minute offers and Special prices of Gabicce Mare Hotels will wait for you. Take a break from work and daily business, even for a couple of days. Indulge yourself with a short break full of fun and relax. Choose between the famous attractions of Riviera Romagnola: the most glamour and stylish discos, pub and restaurants and serviced-beaches. Gabicce is the top destination if you like the movida. Do you want a totally relaxing weekend? Again... Gabicce! Take a walk on the beach at sunset, or go for a hike in Monte San Bartolo Park. And what about a Romantic dinner in a restaurant overlooking the sea? The little Vallugola bay is the best place for a couple who wants to spend some time together.