Romagna theme parks

Theme parks

Visiting the Adriatic coast you will have a good time in the Theme Parks: water parks, fun and suitable for children. Parks are visited by a great number of tourists and many hotels offer holiday pack with parl ticket included.

Discover on the map all the parks of Romagna:



Statale Adriatica SS 16 Km 162
48015 Loc. Mirabilandia (RA)
Info: +39 0544 561111
piscina aquafan scivoli

Mirabilandia Theme Park is situated in a green area near Savio (Ravenna district), has a great number of visitors thanks 44 attractions and 13 fabulous shows which suit everyone, children, families teen-agers, adults, fun for all.
The most important attractions are: Columbia & Discovery (free fall tower), Eurowheel (the biggest panoramic wheel all over the world), Rio Bravo (water road and rapids on inflatable boats), Niagara (play on rafts within water falls), Ghostville (blind route through a west "Phantom Town"), and the most important show: stuntmen show Police School.

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Oltremare Riccione

Via Ascoli Piceno, 6
47838 Riccione (RN)
Info: +39 0541 4271
oltremare delfini

Oltremare Theme Park is situated on the hills of Riccione: one of the most visited of the Coast with three different routes:
-Time travel(Meridiana, Earth Planet, Darwin): the visitor will be the protagonist of an extraordinary going back to the origins. Follow up the evolution steps of the life, from big bang to the extinction of the dinosaurs.
-From the oceans to the Adriatic Sea: with 11 dauphins in the widest Laguna of Europe, Hippocampus (sea-horses) needle-fish, sea-eagles and other sea animals, sea anemones and starfishes; furthermore rorquals, sharks, moon-fishes and other Giants of Adriatic Sea rebuilt with their real dimensions.
-Our animals: Po Delta and surrounding: fun shows with domestic animals, bird watching, reptiles, insects, fishes within cane-brakes and acrobatic flights of hawks, eagles, barn owls etc.

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Via Ascoli Piceno, 6
47838 Riccione (RN)
Info: +39 0541 603050
aquafan riccione

Aquafan is the most famous water park of Europe, with more then 90.000 sqm. Of surface with 3 kms of slides and great plays of water: more then 500.000 visitors per year.
Within new attraction: Extreme River, a big slide on a inflatable boat with one or two places, and Speedriul like a big tunnel where the visitors are "sucked" after a whirling motion.
Aquafan is the summer location of Radio Deejay, one of the most important and listened radio of Italy and reference point of young people.
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Italia in Miniatura

Via Popilia, 239
47900 Viserba di Rimini (RN)

italia in miniatura rimini

Italia in Miniatura allows a trip to visitors all over the culture, tradition, beauty of Italy and Europe visiting more then 270 reproduction of architectural treasures.
In order to fulfil the offer there are also: Panoramic Tower (rotating at 10 from a height of 10 metres), Sling Shot (a giant sling), Little Prehistoric Valley, Rainbow Monorail, Pinocchio (a trip for children inside the famous fairy-tale),Venice (by gondola in a 5-time smaller version in comparison to the true one),Luna Park of Science (plays, experiments, tests with physics, mechanics, hydraulics, optics and electricity),Play-room and other else.

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Via Cardano, 15
47900 Rimini (RN)
Info: +39 0541 372064
fiabilandia rimini

Fiabilandia is a real kingdom for children and families toh ave fun within nature, shows and plays. It cover san area of 150.000 sq.m. with more then 30 attractions as:
- the new Bay of di Peter Pan: an immersion in the fancy, where children cam meet their favourite characters.
Merlin the Wizard's Castle: a nice owl will escort you in a trip inside the magic Merlin workshop.
The Lake of Dreams: riding on a dragoon in a magic oriental place.
- The Valley of Gnomes: on a giant caterpillar visiting the far village of Gnomes.
Fort Laramie: the Conquest of Fort Laramie.
Furthermore Labyrinth of Fu Ming, the Gold Mine, the Apache Village.

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Beach Village

Lungomare Viale D'Annunzio, 150
47838 Riccione (RN)
Info: +39 0541 640517
riccione beach village

It isdirectly linked to its beach establishment N.134, and offers to visitor:
- 4 waterslides (Toboga - Piscina Family, 10 mt high, with 2 exits; Toboga kamikaze, 12 mt high, with 2 exits)
- 2 swimming pools (baby pool for children up to 10 years) and an olimpic-size pool with big relax area with beach umbrellas and sun chairs.
- miniclub with animation for children
- recreation area
- the Bikini Bar

Acquarium of Cattolica

Piazzale delle Nazioni, 1/a
47841 Cattolica (RN)
Info: +39 0541 8371
Sito ufficiale:

Aquarium of Cattolica, the second in Italy for dimensions, is situated inside a great example of futurist architecture "Parco Le Navi" historical building dating around 1930, first used as sea college and representing a naval fleet.
Aquarium offers to visitors:
Sea sounds
The Conqueror of the Sea
- External area, meeting area, shopping area, self services "Libeccio" and Bikini Beach Café.

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Rimini Dolphinarium

Piazzale del Porto
47900 Rimini (RN)

Currently the Rimini dolphinarium hosts 3 sea lions
For more info visit the pagedolphinarium of Rimini.

Museum of Aviation

Via S. Aquilina, 58
47900 Rimini (RN)

A terraced hilly green area of 80.000 sq.m. where visitors can admire a rare exhibition of aeroplanes (more then 40 models) along 2 km show-route which have characterised the most significant moments of the post-war period as Korea, Vietnam, Ex Yugoslavia or Iraq

Eden Park

Via Popilia, 345/347
Torre Pedrera (RN)
Info: +39 0541.720638

Eden Park is a natural park covering an area of 35.000 sq.m. where live freely water animals, peacocks, pheasants and other birds.
It is suitable for families, schools and excursions parties having a chance to live a different kind of day in the open-air. Fun and also learning with the information sheets you will find in the park.

Butterflies house

Via Jelenia Gora, 6/d
48016 Milano Marittima (RA)
Info: +39 0544 995671

TheButterflies House is an educational environment centre, opened 2002, an exotic environment created to house with a surface of 500 sq.m. with beautiful Amazonian, African and Indo-Australian butterflies within a luxuriant vegetation (ficus, bananas, carnivorous plants, flowers and other tropical plants) and animals as chameleons, giant scarabs, praying mantis.
The Centre include also a botanic natural route, a wide external garden with a new pavilion dedicated to the insect's world.


Parco Naturale di Cervia, via Forlanini.
48015 Cervia (Ra)
Sito ufficiale:

The Cerviavventura park is the right place to live an exciting adventure in the nature suspended between the trees of the Natural Park of Cervia. The park offers 5 natural trails to explore the naturalistic wealth and have fun with the whole family

Indiana Golf

Via Torino, 30/a
47838 Riccione

Indiana Golf is the most important and wide adventurgolf park of Italy.
A few steps way from the sea, in front of the beach of Riccione (Resort 35) near thermal baths.
You can afford two 18 hole courses each one with 7000 sq.m. of waterfalls, rocks, little lakes with bridges.

Rivergreen Golf

Lungomare Tintori, 3/m
47900 Rimini

Situated in Lungomare of Rimini Marina Centro (near Dolphinarium), is the first eco-mini golf of Italy in front of the sea.
You can play and relax in a green surface of 6.000 sq.m. plenty of Mediterranean plants, lakes, waterfalls and rocks.
There are two 18 hole courses:
- Course of "Leccio Mediterraneo"
- Course of "Palma Gigante"