Bellaria Igea Marina for families holidays: Discounts and benefits

Bellaria Igea Marina is a tidy resort, highly recommended, especially for the whole family. Hotels found here offers many discounts for kids and families. Family-Hotels offers family plans, full-board services, many all inclusive offers and kids eat and stay free packages. There are many different proposals, depending on the time of the year, and on the kids' age.

Take a look to the page below, every hotel has its own holiday package. Just look for the best offer for you! Keep in mind that Family-friendly Hotels in Bellaria Igea marina boast many services for kids, such as: beaches where you will find kids-playgrounds and kids-oriented services, baby dance and mini club. Even the proposed events are tailored to kids: here you will find the pink night for kids, and cartoons' festivals. There are also budget Hotels directly on the beach.