Marina Romea Hotels, holiday between sea and pine grove

Marina Romea Hotels

Marina Romea

Marina Romea lies about 10 km from Ravenna, and you can get to it driving through SS 309 "Romea", that runs along the coast and the pine grove.
Amongst all the Ravenna beach resorts this is the most refined one for your vacation, where the hospitality is shaped by the mansions and the cottage hotels surrounded by the ancient and charming pine grove.

A green oasis, where you will find sport fields and natural itineraries headed to the beach. Mansions are concealed behind lush vegetation, and the hotels are pleasantly isolated, giving to the landscape a relaxing connotation. Marina Romea is also a good starting point if you mean to visit Ravenna the most interesting Byzantine city in Italy. Don't miss its ancient monuments, mosaics, and experience the charming cultural events of the summer. Marina Romea lies in the Po river delta natural area. Enjoy the beautiful and wild nature of River Delta thanks to the many walk- and boat-itineraries, surrounded by the silence of the pine grove. Or, if you prefer, do some birdwatching or explore the pine grove riding an horse, or cycling.