Marina di Ravenna Hotels

Marina di Ravenna is the first place you run into, south of the Candiano canal, that link Ravenna to the Adriatic Sea. Cheerful and lively, Marina di Ravenna is the most trendy resort in Ravenna beaches, where you will find well-equipped beaches, clubs and hotels and accommodations of any category.

This resort is loved, especially by youngs looking for funny and cheap holidays, in hotels directly to the beach, the best place for relaxing by day, and when the night come, the party is on. Even the families will find great deals thanks to family-friendly hotels offering family plan. Marina di Ravenna beach is quiet and sandy, with services tailored to kids. Few steps from there you will find the Mirabilandia Amusement Park.

Marina di Ravenna Hotels


Long and sandy, Marina di Ravenna beach is made up of many beach facilities, where spend relaxing days between sun and sea, sports, entertainments, games and great food in bar and restaurants. Surrounded by the charming pine grove and the sea, Marina di Ravenna beach is recommended for families and kids looking for peace and quiet. But it has another face, lively and smart-set, that makes this resort appreciated by youngs. All the hotels offer agreements and discounts for sunbeds and beach umbrellas, thanks to the all inclusive formula so you can relax and give your wallet a break.

During the day you can have fun doing sport competitions, or water sports, or with entertainment. When night comes, the beach changes and liven up with engaging nights that last till late night.
Music and fun are the main protagonists in Marina di Ravenna beach, lure for youngs coming here in search of great and live music, dj-sets and disco-pub directly on the beach.
Amongst many clubs on the beach we recommend: "Sottomarino", "Hana Bi" and "Duna degli Orsi". The last one houses every year "The dune of books", cultural meeting under the sun. Among disco pub:  "Hemingway caffè".

Po River Delta Park, Nature and Cycling holidays

Marina di Ravenna is surrounded by a pine grove natural reservation, that run along the coast, a real oasis of tranquillity. Nature enthusiasts choose this place for the proximity with the Po river delta park, a very charming Natural Area made up of Cervia Saltworks, at south, and Comacchio Valleys, to the north.

Here you can do many activities for getting in touch with nature, such as hiking, having walk-, boat and bike-itineraries, birdwatching and visit the most important monuments and interesting places such as churches, fisherman villages and more.
Cycling-Holidays are very widespread, thanks to many Cycling-Hotels well-equipped in order to houses bikers, and thanks to many Itineraries for cyclists that run from Ravenna beaches, heading to Po River Delta Park, or to the hillside near Cesenatico.
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