Valverde di Cesenatico Hotels: Family Deals and Cycling Hotels

Valverde is a little resort close to Cesenatico, that lies between Gatteo a Mare, south, and Cesenatico to the north. Here you'll find many Cycling-Hotels, and Accommodations boasting cyclists-tailored services. Choose Cesenatico for your cycling Holidays and you'll get: bike depot, well-equipped bike works, physical therapy and medical assistance, fitness and massages, laundry service, cycling travel guide, and menus and food tailored to sportsman and sportswoman in restaurant.







Valverde is a touristc resort, 2 kilometres from Cesenatico. Here you'll find more than 30 well-equipped beaches and beach facilities.
The beach has a lot to offer the tourists that come here: from beach umbrellas and sunbeds to sports fields and entertainments for kids and adults. Valverde is also well-known for the Beach of bayberries, a sustainable free beach in nature's harmony.

The Beach of bayberries is a renaturalized coastal area, converted in a environmentally friendly zone. Myrica is a Mediterranean plant that fit very well in these areas where grow freely and become part of the landscape, like the beach umbrellas.
In this beach, each furniture is made of natural and recovered materials, easy and nature compliant, such as wood and stones.
It's a green oasis and a different way to experience the beach: the entrance is free as well as each facility.

Cycling tourism in Valverde di Cesenatico

Cycling tourism in Cesenatico is an ancient tradition. This is Marco Pantani birthplace, and along these shores and hills he used to train himself. Still today, many bikers love to train themself in the same places, amongst the hills of Romagna.
Valverde is the Cesenatico's resort where is the greater concentration of Cycling Hotels, and this is the reason why it got chosen as the starting point of many races and competitions, or by those who have to train themself, or simply by cycling tourists.

Choosing a Cycling Hotel is the best way to enjoy a great bike holiday: in addition to tailored services, you'll get informations and guided map in order to get to the best places for train yourself and discover the inland. Cesenatico and Romagna Cycling paths are suitable for all, from most experienced bikers to the newcomers. Furthermore you can go through the same routes of the main competitions, especially the famous Nove Colli Marco Pantani (Nine Hills).
Book your Hotel as soon as possible and discover all the deals to take part or just be present at the most exciting cycling race of Romagna.