Ravenna shores: 32 Hotels close to Mirabilandia

Ravenna's coast is made up of 9 resorts, amongst which Lido Adriano, Lido di Savio and Lido di Classe are the best choice for families holidays thanks to the calm and quiet you will find on the beaches and great deals in Hotels, tailored to families with kids. Two- and Three-Stars Hotel categories are the most sought after Accommodations, but you can spend a low cost, cozy and cheap vacation also in Residences and Cottage Hotels in Riviera. The closest Hotels to Mirabilandia found in Lido di Savio and Lido di Classe. You often can find some holidays packages offering overnight stay in Hotels and entrance fee for Mirabilandia included in the price!






Ravenna shores, relaxing stay for families

The so called Ravenna Shores (Lidi Ravennati) are the beaches of Ravenna, made up of 9 resorts: Lido di Savio, is about 15 kilometres from Ravenna. Casalborsetti is the northest locality of Riviera Romagnola. Marina Romea is the the most ancient shore in Ravenna, and it's about 8 kilometres from the city, while Marina di Ravenna was the first shore offering clubs and restaurant directly on the beach.

Lido Adriano is about 10 kilometres from Ravenna, while Lido di Dante, is very sought after by naturalists who love birdwathicng. Lido di Classe is very close to Milano Marittima, so its nightlife is very lively. Porto Corsini was one of the first Ravenna shore, and, finally, Punta Marina Terme found east of Ravenna and boast a Thermal centre.
Ravenna shores's resorts are best for families who want to spend their holiday dedicated to sea and nature, horse-ridinge, hiking, birdwatching and sail.


Amongst the nine resorts, Lido Adriano is the one that boasts the biggest offers and hospitality, the best services for families and this is the reason why it's the favourite resort in Riviera Ravennate. Here you will find the best beach facilities, such as beach umbrellas, bar, showes, sport fields, babysitting and more.

Beach Facilities
- Bagno Haway (viale Italia, 36 - Marina Romea +39 0544.446114)
- Bagno Romea 28 (viale Italia, 129 -  Marina Romea - +39 0544.446081 - www.bagnoromea.com)
- Bagno Dolce Lucia 62 - Viale delle Nazioni, 62 - +39 0544.530546 - www.dolcelucia.com)
- Marinamore, 82 - viale della Pace, Marina di Ravenna - +39 348.8971472 - www.marinamore.it)
- Bagno Federico, 54 - viale C. Colombo, 137- Punta Marina Terme - +39 0544-437445 - www.bagnofederico.com)

Pet Friendly beaches
- Bagno Overbeach - via Ortolani, 1 - Casalborsetti - +39 0544.445600 - www.overbeach.it )
- Aloha Beach - viale Italia, 117 - Marina Romea - +39 0544.446142 - www.alohabeach.it)
- Cayo Loco - via A. da Noli, 57 - Lido di Classe - +39 335.6827722 - www.bagnocayoloco.it

Free beaches
- Casalborsetti -  via G. Spallazzi, beach next to bagno Adria
- Porto Corsini - between bagno Mara and bagno Mama Rumba
- Marina di Ravenna - close to Piazzale dei Marinai
- Punta Marina Terme - in front of Via Sirti
- Lido di Dante -  promenade Fratelli Vivaldi next to Camping Bisanzio
- Lido di Classe, protected area at the mouth of Bevano river (nudist beach),  next to mouth of Savio rivere, where pet are allowed.

Amusement and Theme Parks: Mirabilandia, Zoo Safari and River Delta Po

Mirabilandia is the most famous amusement park of Riviera Romagnola. It's about 10 kilometres from Ravenna shores. Opend from april till october, and special opening for Halloween.

Roller coaster, Katoon, games for kids and water zone with slides and pools are just some of the many attractions you will find in Mirabilandia.
Entrance fee may vary but you can always enjoy the offer: "the day after the entrance is free". More information at hotel + Mirabilandia clicca qui.
SS Adriatica 16 km 162 - +39 0544 561156
www.mirabilandia.it Delta Po River Park, is beloved by hikers and birdwatcher. 52 thousands hectare of uncontaminated nature where you will find guided tour or ask for a tour tailored to you.
www.parcodeldelta.com Ravenna Zoo Safari , is in front of Mirabilandia, the famous Amusement Park, (entry on via dei Continenti).
It's a bio-park, or rather, a faunal park that hosts more than 450 animals from more than 40 species. You can take a look to the animals' wild life who live free without cages. Don't miss the educationl tour where with guides' help you could feed the tamest animals. There are also relax and food areas.
Via dei Tre Lati, 2x - 48125 Savio di Ravenna - +39 0544.690020

Spa and Wellness in Ravenna shores

In Punta Marina Terme shore lying one of the most famous thermal centre in Emilia Romagna. The precious water used for healing coming from Punta Marina Terme. You will also find a wellness and beautiful centre, where the beautiful treatments are made with the healing waters. (+39 0544 437222 -  www.termepuntamarina.it).