Hotels Riviera Romagnola

Hotels in Riviera Romagnola are considered welcoming and convenient. Many Italians choose to spend their holiday here beacuse of plenty accommodations of any category, boasting budget price. Three stars hotels in Riviera Romagnola stand out for the best quality/price ratio, while one- and two-stars Hotels are really cheap and often family run business. Each hotel would gladly welcome you as well as residence, boarding house and b&b. On the other side you can choose four stars hotels, many of which found in Rimini, Milano Marittima and Riccione.

Hotels Romagna

Riviera Romagnola has always stood for Holiday. Well-equipped beaches, budget Hotels, Low Cost Deals and Last Minute Offers. In this page you'll find all the Hotels in Riviera romagnola offering kids stay free, all inclusive deals, as well as family friendly hotels, that have special care for kids, and don't forget all the entertainment opportunities in Romagna! Each to his own.


Riviera Romagnola is best-known for its lively, budget and well-equipped beaches. You just pay sunbeds and beach umbrellas rent and get also sports fields, baby sitter services, whirlpool bath, inflatable games, show and entertainents for free.

And don't forget the tranquillity given by the presence of the lifeguard. Furthermore, over the last years a new awareness has grown in trying to offer more handicap-friendly facilities as well as to be close to every people needs and not only. There are more and more pet-friendly beaches. Talking of beaches, several Hotels with full board services in Riviera Romagnola also offer sunbeds and beach umbrellas rent price in hotel fares. In other words: Holiday in Romagna, is an easy target to reach!

Family-friendly Hotels in Riviera Romagnola

Family-friendly Hotels are those accommodations that offer family-tailored services, especially to the ones with kids.

This category includes all that accommodations that take care of families, offering very budget prices, in order to allow each family to take advantage of these offers and take holiday in Riviera. Talking of Family-friendly Hotels services, there are many facilities you can take advantage of, such as baby-sitting, kids menu and separated meals, and many attentions for your children. There are 3-stars hotels which boast swimming pool, so kids will have fun and mom and dad relax! Or other hotels close to the sea and easy to get to between one beach session and other!

Riviera Romagnola Amusement Park

Many Families and youngs choose Riviera Romagnola for the great number of amusement parks.
In Riccione you'll find Aquafan, big aqua park with slides, pools and relax areas -

Oltremare is in Riccione also and offers educational itineraries about earth evolution and undersea worlds. Discover all the features and inhabitants - .
In Cattolica you'll find the the biggest Aquarium in the whole Riviera Adriatica. Come and see shark pools and several fish tanks with dozens of fish species -
In the north of Riviera (Cervia, Milano Marittima) you can easy get to Mirabilandia one of the most famous amusement park in Italy, frequented by thousands of people every summer -
In Rimini you'll find both Italy in Miniature showing the whole Italy and the main European capitals shrinked - and Fiabilandia where little ones will discover the fairy tale world thanks to kids tailored attractions -

Riviera Romagnola Nights

In popular immagination, Riviera Romagnola is the best destination for night amusement. Here you'll find the most beautiful and fun discos of Italy. The Peter Pan (Viale Abruzzi, 161 – +39 0541 607728 - and the  Cocoricò (Viale Chieti, 44 - in Riccione hillside.

The Coconuts (Lungomare Tintori, 5 - +39 0541.24422 - in Rimini and then... Milano Marittima, the glamour Queen of Riviera Romagnola. Here you'll find the Villa Papeete (via Argine Destro Savio – +39 335.1275444 - and the Club Pineta (via Romagna, 66 - +39 0544.994728 -, both well-known because frequented by VIPs and sports big names. Just to complete the picture of the amusement night of Riviera Romagnola, the parties on the beach, the cocktails amongst sunbeds and the beach umbrellas at night, you can't miss The Pink Night, the Summer New Year's Eve. It takes place the first weekend of July: three days where you'll find dozens of live concerts, shows and parties till the sunrise. The last weekend of june there's Molo Street Parade, where hundreds of famous deejays play the summer music from docked boats along the canal and harbour.