Miramare di Rimini Hotels: budget holidays close to Riccione

Close to Riccione and few steps from Rimini Airport Miramare is a resort that offers many shops, restaurants, beaches and hotels, especially 2- and 3-stars quality accommodations at low price. These Hotels often offer agreements with Rimini Spa and Wellness Holiday Packages. Others have discounts for families and agreements with amusement parks, such Fiabilandia.

Miramare is the southest locality in Rimini, halfway between Rimini and Riccione, chosen especially by youngs who want to have fun in Rimini's and Riccione's discos and clubs.







Sports and Wellness are must-do's in Miramare di Rimini beaches, well-equipped for this kind of activities and relax!
Up-to-date and equipped beach facilities in Miramare are close to the Riminiterme beach, the "talassoterapico" establishment (means: treatments with salt water), that make use of salt water for its treatments.

Steam bath, massages, wellness itineraries and beauty and wellness treatments: many wellness hotels offer all-inclusive Spa Packages with free entrance at Riminiterme, even just for a weekend dedicated to well-being.
Riminiterme - Stabilimento Talassoterapico
V.le Principe di Piemonte, 56 (you can get to it with Autbus 11, stop 34)
+39 0541.424011

Amusement Park

Miramare resort is chosen not only by youngs, also by families, that come here looking for fun, thanks to many amusement and theme parks and events. Enjoy some great and funny day with your kids both to the beach and to the parks.

Fiabilandia is the favourite fairy tail parks, loved by Italian childrens. 30 games and attractions, 150 thousand square feet of green, bars and restaurants and facilities will make your visit more comfortable!
Via Gerolamo Cardano, 15 47924
Tel. +39 0541.372064

Luna Park: the biggest in Rimini: games, attractions and merry-go-rounds.
Viale Principe di Piemonte (zona Terme)
aperto a luglio e agosto dalle 20.30 alle 02.00
You can get to it with autobus number 11 - bus stop 34-25

Discos and fun

Entertainments and Nighlife are much lively in Miramare. Clubs and discos are easy to get to thanks to shuttle services, and few kilometres from Miramare you will find Riccione disco-pub and clubs directly on the beach.

Altro Mondo Studios is a famous discos, beloved by youngs. Dj dance, bubble party, and dancing eves in collaboration with Villa Papeete. Via Principe di Piemonte 28/30
+39 0541.373434

Villa Mon Amour latino music, dance and house for adults audience, win bar and Cafè.
Via Flaminia, 328
+39 0541.373151