Igea Marina Hotels

Bellaria - Igea Marina is one of the most esteemd resort in Riviera Romagnola, thanks to selected services talored to families and little ones. Here, your kids will have all the special cares and considerations that make you feel safe. In addition to this, in Igea Marina Accommodations you will find plenty of offers and deals for families from every star rating hotels, from cottage and 2-stars to the 4-stars Hotels. Come to Igea Marina with your family, and discover why this is the best resort for your next holidays.







Igea Marina beach is quite narrow, heading to south, and descend until reach a shallow sea. Beaches are more basic than the Rimini and Riccione ones, but boast great families- and kids-oriented services, and Igea Marina Kids-Friendly beach facilities are as good as the other establishments in Riviera Romagnola. Here you will find many services for your little-ones suchs as: inflatable games, entertainments, water games, kid playgrounds on beach and babysitting.

Igea Beaches are totally handicap accessible thanks to floating chair which allow people to take a bath on a shallow sea.
There's also a free beach, located next to beach 92
Here you will find many pet-friendly beaches, and three dog poo bag dispensers, so you can live easy with your four-legged friends: in viale Paolo Guidi, in viale Ennio and in the public park.

Holidays with Family and Kids

Unlike Bellaria, Igea Marina grows more on the coast and close to the sea. The two towns are separated by a river. You can go from one to other crossing one of the many bridges, or with the picturesque ferry-boat, it takes 2 minutes from shore to shore.

Igea main strett is the seafront promenade Viale Pinzon. Close to it you will find the mulberry park, a tidy and little green area where you can have relax or jogging, beloved by kids and families. Here lies a big lake surrounded by paths and kids playgrounds. In summer, even the circus and Luna parks stop here.

Having Fun

Sailing Club Rio Pircio offers Sailing Courses for every level: viale Pinz,on, 27.  Tel. +39 0541 344084.
Tennis Centre Igea 4 tennis courts red clay: via Luzzatti, 10. Tel. +39 0541 332522.

Lago La Valletta with 3 soccer fields: viale Garibaldi 4. Tel. +39 0541 330860.
Sporting Centre La Valletta with one soccer grass field and one in synthetic grass: viale Pinzon, 252. Tel. +39 0541 332323.