Gatteo a Mare, Hotel best Deals

Gatteo a mare is a quiet seaside resort, boasting plenty of Accommodations equipped with every comfort, of boarding houses and Hotels, especially three stars, at competitive price and best for families and kids.

The beach, in this stretch of coast, is made up of beaches and beach facilities, where you will enjoy different services to meet specific demands, from kids playgrounds to fitness and wellness areas for adults. Holiday in Gatteo a mare, satisfy the whole family!







Gatteo Mare beach is very well equipped, made up of 30 beaches offering every comfort: beach umbrellas, sunbeds, entertainments for kids and for adults, water sports, beach volley, beach soccer and beach tennis fields, kids playground, even shady, slides, seesaws, fitness and wellness areas.

There are plenty of bar and restaurants on the beach, for you to take some light meals, ice creams, drinks, or most refined first courses, grilled fish or salads for all taste.
Gatteo sea is quiet and safe, pleasant for a stroll, or for letting your kids play on water's edge. A row of cliffs, dozens of metres from the shore, stops the flowing, making the sea safe and helping keep the temperature pleasant both in june and september.

Gatteo Mare Village: having fun in Gatteo

Gatteo Mare is totally dedicated to tourism: during the summer it becomes Gatteo Mare Village. The whole town makes available many funny entertainments, events and activities, for entertaining adults and kids.

The Hotels participating in Gatteo Mare Village program offer to their guests many funny opportunities: entertainments on the beach, gym, music, games, and all-aged sports competitions. During the night you'll find many shows in the city's squares and many promotions in the agreed shops.