Cesenatico Hotels: comfort holiday!

Seaside Holiday? In Cesenatico you'll find many Central Hotels with a great benefit: found in a great spot. Few steps from the sea, from historic Centre and close to the Train Station, these Hotels are the right place for you: the best ratio between convenience and comfort.

The most widespread category is the three stars, but you'll find many 4-stars - if you like luxury holidays - as well as budget accommodations: lower-class hotels but always higher class quality.






Cesenatico Historic Centre

In Cesenatico historic centre, the traditions, the history and the culture speak the language of the sea, that marked this land since the antiquity.

Holiday in the Historic Centre of Cesenatico is the right choice for those who want to experience the lively core of the city, discovering the history, the life and visiting the main places. But this, is the right resort for beaches enthusiasts and comfort lovers also, thanks to high-class hospitality.

Cesenatico is more lively and animated resort than bordering places and localities, where you can find tranquillity and quiet.
In Cesenatico you'll find plenty of Hotels, belonging to each category (most widespread the 3-stars, the family- and the cycling Hotels), many shops and boutique overlooking the main street, restaurants, clubs and discopub. But the very core of Cesenatico is the harbour, deisgned by Leonardo da Vinci, and still today it keeps all the charm and where you find many clubs and characteristic fish restaurants.

In the core of the city, along the canal, found the floating rooms of Maritime Museum, worthing a visit in order to discover the deep link between Cesenatico and the sea.
Don't miss the Marino Moretti House - local poet - where you can see many books and documents of the author as well as original furnitures and more.

Clubs and Entertainment

Historic Centre of Cesenatico and area close to the beach are the most lively zones, the right places for having fun. Night life is very animated, and starts at about sunset with cocktails on the beach or in one of the many clubs along the seawalk.

Most of clubs and pub in Cesenatico found in historic centre and along the canal. You'll find discopub opened from cocktail time till the sunset, charming and stylish discos on the beach, attended by youngs and all those who like to dance on the sand.
Between the centre and east dock, lie many dancing clubs we recommend. The entrance is free, you pay just what you drink:
- Molo 95 Cesenatico Street Bar: street bar and disco area on east beach.
- Batija directly on the beach, with bar, kiosk and dance floor.