Gabicce Mare Hotels and great deals!

Gabicce is one of the most fascinating town in Riviera Romagnola, thanks to its location, just by the sea, and near to San Bartolo Cape, well known for its ecological value.
The city is divided in two by the river Conca: in Gabicce Mare you can find Hotels and beaches, while Gabicce Monte is surrounded by the Mount San Bartolo Park.
A great selection of accommodation you can choose from and, especially, the 3 stars and the 2 stars Hotel, make Gabicce Mare a top affordable vacation destination. You can choose an all inclusive holiday, or many special offers and great deals!






The Beach

Gabicce beach is about 10 km long, made of fine sand and grabel. You can enjoy a beautiful landscape of the city from the top of San Bartolo Mountain. People go to the beach not only in summer - when it gets really beautiful - but even in winter, especially at dawn and at dusk.

In summertime, in Gabicce Mare beaches you can enjoy a wide choice of activities and services both on and off water, for families and young people too. Beach clubs and bathing stablishments of Gabicce also offers lots of activities to keep your children entertained, and many services like baby changing tables and more.

Average beach fares can change from beach to beach, but they are really cheaper than the Rimini and Riccione ones. Cheaper but not inferior, Gabicce beaches boast the same quality than other Adriatic beaches, and, more, a very nice sea. Average fare is 20€ a day, and if you're looking for a beach where your dogs and cats are free to run and play, Gabicce is your city!

- Bagno 42 in Gabicce Mare: offers Solarium terrace for its guests with small size dog.

If you like to arrange your own vacation and your relax, in Gabicce you can find two free beaches:
- Spiaggia Libera Zona Porto
- Spiaggia Libera Sotto Monte
- Fiorenzuola di Focara you can call it a free beach. It's lovely, and one of the most popular beach in Romagna. It's a beautiful cove, at the feet of San Bartolo Mountain, accessible only on foot. You have to park your car in the town and then going down on a narrow road. The walk takes about 20 minutes, so don't bring excess weight!

Below San Bartolo Cape, it lies Baia Vallugola, a seaport built on a natural cliff. People loves this place for its "Romantic" landscapes, especially by night, when the restaurants lights turn on, reflexing on the sea water.

Theme Parks

Few Kilometres from Gabicce you can enjoy some of the most visited Amusement Parks of the Riviera Romagnola. Most of them are suitable for children and families, and for all the people who wants to spend a day not to the beach.

The Aquarium of Cattolica is 5 kilometre from Gabicce, and it's one of the best Aquarium in Italy. Sharks, penguins, turtles and jellyfish are just some of the many stars of it.
Individual price are: 19€ for adults, 14€ for children over 1 metre in height up to 11 years old. For children up to 1 metre admission is free.
Piazzale delle Nazioni, 1/A
Tel. +39 0541 8371

Oltremare is a big theme park in Riccione, about 12 kilometres from Gabicce. Park activities are focused on fun, but Oltremare offers many teaching resources for children and adults.
/> Individual price are: 18€ for adults, 14€ for children up to 1.40 metre. For children up to 1 metre admission is free.
via Ascoli Piceno, 6
Tel. +39 0541 4271

Aquafan is the biggest Aquatic park in Europe, born over 20 years ago, in Riccione, it lies over an area of 150 thousand square metres, and boasts water slides, pools and many other attractions. /> Individual price are: 28€ for adults, 20€ for children over 1 metre in height up to 11 years old. For children up to 1 metre admission is free.
via Ascoli Piceno, 6
Tel. +39 0541 603050


There are plenty of discos, bar, club, in Gabicce. But if you came here you can't miss the Baia Imperiale, where you can find the best shows and music.

Baia Imperiale
The Baia Imperiale is in Gabicce Monte. It's one of the oldest discotheque of Romagna. We can really say it's a historic disco!
via Panoramica, 195
Tel. +39 392 5344311